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The daily charter fee includes the boat charter, its belongings and electronic equipments, as described in the boats inventory. There is also a cleaning fee, insurance and retainer.

The boat will be given to the client with all its belongings and electronics (see inventory aboard) ready to use in perfect working order.

- A 50% deposit must be made upon reserving the charter (the contract and the inspection form will be signed on the date of the charter.

- The remaining 50%, to be paid prior to boarding the boat on the day of the charter.

- Skipper payment must be made directly to him, within 8 days from boarding

- We do not acept credit and debit cards  yet.

- Daily charters are based on a 24 hr period with a minimum of 3 days and two nights (two charter daily).

In the event of loss or damage caused by the client, to the boat or any of its equipments and/or electronics, DYC will retain the retained fee in order to perform the necessary repairs or equipment replacement.

The Retainer fee is USD 1.600,00.

The retainer fee must be paid in cash by the client prior boarding the boat on the day of the charter.

The retainer fee will be returned in its entirety should there be no damage to the boat or its equipments, upon returning to the DYC docks.


Delta Yacht Charter is responsible for chartering sailboats in perfect working order, completely clean, with full fuel and water tanks and properly maintained engines.

If Delta Yacht Charter fails to deliver a boat “charter ready” up to 4 hours from the agreed charter boarding time, the customer will receive an additional day free of charge for the delay.

Delta Yacht Charter will do everything in its power to immediately repair or exchange any malfunctioning equipment that may become inoperable during the period of the charter, as long as the customer dully informs such incident. Unblocking the toilet are likely to be charged a fee for displacement and the value of parts involved when appropriate.


Upon leaving our premises with one of our charter boats, the client is responsible for all relevant fees for operating the craft such as: marina docking fees, fuel and water replenishing. The client is fully responsible keeping the boat clean.

During the charter, any accident or damage to the boat as well as its belongings and electronic equipment, must be immediately reported to the Base Office of Delta Yacht Charter. For such occasions, all boats come equipped with a fully operational cell phone. This cell phone will be given to the client along with the boats registration papers prior to departing the dock.

Should there be a need, Delta Yacht Charter, will issue a weather-warning bulletin as soon as it is received in our Base Office from the weather officials.

The client, or his designated crew, must be familiar with coastal navigation for sail and powerboats. The person operating the boat must present a valid license for coastal navigation.

The client must agree to respect all navigation regulations for operating responsibly a sailboat in Brazil (NORMAN 3) and maintain in perfect working order its belongings and electronic equipments.

The client is forbidden from sub-letting the charter boat as well as participating in regattas, engaging in any commercial activity, fishing activities or sailing lessons.
The client is forbidden from operating the sailboat under the influence of alcohol or any illicit drug. It is strictly forbidden to tow any craft (jet-ski, kayaks, sufboards, motorboats, sailboats, etc....) as well as operating the sailboat under sail or power after sunset.

In the event of an emergency of other crafts, it is only permissible to rescue passengers but not crafts. In this case the client must contact our Base Office immediately to obtain additional procedural information from our staff
The client must provide a list with the names of the persons taking part in the charter. The number of passengers aboard must not exceed the agreed number upon signing the contract.

In case of theft of passenger’s belongings, boats equipments or the boat itself, the client must immediately contact our Base Office to report the incident.
Pets are prohibited onboard our boats. Do not insist!
No types of barbecues. Smoking is forbidden bellow deck inside the cabins. Don’t make use of incense and candles due to the fact that there are flammable materials aboard.


The client will receive charter possession of the boat at our DYC base in Porto Bracuhy on the agreed date and time. Upon receiving possession of the boat, the client must carefully examine the conditions of the boat and its equipments onboard, in accordance with the described items on the presented checklist, prior to signing and dating the document.

Any discontent and complaints must be dealt with prior to boarding the boat. Minor defects unnoticed by our company’s employees or others that may be noticed during the charter do not entitled the client to request any sort of price reduction or discount on the already paid fees.

Whenever required, the client or his designated skipper must provide a written proof or a license to operate a sailing vessel according to the Brazilian laws of navigation (NORMAN 3).

Charters will not be permitted to begin if the client, any of his crew or his designated skipper, does not possess the proper license to operate a sailing vessel on coastal waters. The only possible solution will be for the client to hire a qualified skipper (DYC can presents experienced multilingual skippers to choose from). Should there be a cancellation based on the above facts, DYC is not obligated to give any refund of any funds already paid by the client.

For security reasons, when chartering bareboat, one of our qualified staff members will skipper the boat from our docks to the Alpha Zone (just outside the main canal towards the open ocean) at which point the boat will be turned over to the client. Our staff member will then disembark the charter boat into our accompanying inflatable.

All sailboats must be returned on the agreed date and time to the base of DYC. The client must notify DYC, via the supplied cell phone, 15 minutes prior to the arrival time in the Alpha Zone. A qualified DYC employee will meet and board the sailboat and safely return it to our docks.

If, for any unforeseen reason, it is impossible for the client to return the sailboat by the already stipulated date and time, then the client must notify DYC as soon as possible prior to the arrival date. If the Customer does not return the boat at time and date agreed upon the contract without the agreement of the DYC, will pay a rental fee pro-rata (minimum value of the insured daily without fraction) and so on for each day late.

The client must not refuel (diesel) the sailboat. A service charge of 3 LPH will be applied upon disembarking the boat.

All garbage must be put away in the supplied small bags in the galley of the boat. These smaller bags must then be placed in the larger (black) bags and securely tied so they can be properly removed by DYC cleaning staff. Please do not leave wet towels on top of the cushions bellow deck.

All clients are responsible of removing their personal belongings from within the sailboat prior to disembarking.

Based on the pre-board checklist, another inspection will be performed, accompanied by the client, as to ascertain that the boat and all its equipments and belongings have safely returned to the base of DYC. This will take about 50 minutes. Should there be any damages, the client is solely responsible for the replacement of any damaged goods.

Our compulsory insurance is charged R$ 95,00 per daily of charter for the Delta 36 and R$ 120,00 for the Baneteau 40'. The insurance deductible is R$ 20.000,00.

According to Embratur's Regulation nº161 from 09/08/1985, in case of cancellations, the deposits will be reimbursed as follows:
Reimbursement of 90% of the deposit for cancellations up to 31 days prior to the rental charter date.

Reimbursement of 80% of the deposit for cancellations between 21 and 30 days prior to the rental charter date.
There will be no reimbursements of deposit 20 days or less prior to the rental charter date.

The charter will be immediately terminated should the client transgress our charter area boundary lines. This area is clearly marked in a mural painted in our offices wall, paper charts and fully explained to the client prior to boarding the boat. See also here at the Charter Area menu.

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